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Catherine Brown

Page history last edited by Cathi Brown 10 years, 10 months ago


About Cathi Brown


Contact Info:

Clyattville Elementary  229-559-7062

e-mail:  catherine.brown@lowndes.k12.ga.us

Blog: http://www.lowndes.k12.ga.us/alrowell

Website: http://www.lowndes.k12.ga.us/alrowell

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/locotech


About Me:

I am entering my tenth year of teaching.  I have taught first, third, and fourth grades.  I began my path to teaching in 1982 and FINALLY earned my degree in 2000 (nothing like the 18 year plan)!  In between working on my degree and raising children, I worked in the computer industry in the following areas: purchasing, sales, marketing, software training, and desktop publishing.


A Positive Experience with Instructional Technology:

Last year I worked with my students on developing brochures using MSPublisher.  Another teacher suggested this culminating activity to complete our unit on Space.  I was very impressed with the products the students came up with and how much time and effort they put into them.  For this coming school year, I plan to do this activity again.  I will definately begin introducing MSPublisher earlier in the year.  The skills the students learn through this program can be implemented into many other programs.  



  • Computers and Technology
  • City Government
  • Fire Department
  • LHS Bridgemen (currently have THREE in the band)


My Teach 21 Project

Students will create and collaborate with students from another school, preferably outside of the United States.  Each student will create a written description of a “monster” and then draw it.  Based ONLY on their written description, their foreign partner will draw the monster.  Pictures will be scanned and compared for accuracy.  Students will then receive a written description from their foreign partner and draw their monster.  Partners will discuss, via e-mail, how writing with details helps make pictures in our minds.



ELA4R1 The student demonstrates comprehension and shows evidence of a

warranted and responsible explanation of a variety of literary and informational


ELA4W2 The student demonstrates competence in a variety of genres. The student produces informational writing that:

c. Creates an organizing structure appropriate to a specific purpose, audience,

and context.

d. Includes appropriate facts and details.

ELA4W1 The student produces writing that establishes an appropriate organizational structure, sets a context and engages the reader, maintains a coherent focus throughout, and signals a satisfying closure.

ELA4W4 The student consistently uses a writing process to develop, revise,

and evaluate writing.

ELA4C1 The student demonstrates understanding and control of the rules of

the English language, realizing that usage involves the appropriate application

of conventions and grammar in both written and spoken formats

ELA4LSV1 The student participates in student-to-teacher, student-to-student,

and group verbal interactions.

ELA4LSV2 The student listens to and views various forms of text and media in

order to gather and share information, persuade others, and express and understand ideas.


National Educational Technology Standards (NETS•S) and Performance Indicators for Students

1. Creativity and Innovation

2. Communication and Collaboration


Technology NEEDS:

1.  flatbed scanner

2.  e-mail accounts for each student

3.  good quality digital camera


Technology WANTS:

1.  class set (25) 1GB flash drives so students can save their work to use at home and school 

2.  4 FLIP video cameras so students can video document the project



Comments (2)

Cathi Brown said

at 8:01 pm on Jul 13, 2009

I am getting so excited about this project. I have been matched with a school in Australia. I will be working with another 4th grade class to complete this project. If all goes well, we will get "more advanced" in collaborative projects. I wanted to start out slow and work from there.

locotech said

at 10:47 pm on Jul 22, 2009

That does sound exciting! After your students get accustomed to this kind of interaction, we need to look at how to extend to incorporate some real-world problem solving with global partners.

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