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Cynthia Flowers

Page history last edited by Cynthia Flowers 11 years ago


About: Cynthia Flowers


Contact Info:

Westside Elementary School



Blog: http://www.lowndes.k12.ga.us/alrowell

Website: http://www.lowndes.k12.ga.us/alrowell

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Cyndy1234


About Me:

I have my Specialist degree in Curriculum, Instruction, Management and Administration. I have taught 5th grade for several years. Currently, I’m teaching 3rd – 5th grade TAG (Talented and Gifted) students.


A Positive Experience with Instructional Technology:

Integrating technology is essential. Depending on the task, my students used Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint, Photostory, and Microsoft Excel to create graphs.  I enjoy capturing special moments by taking pictures throughout the school year of my students’ performing in class plays, oral presentations, group projects, etc. During the last week of school, students selected pictures from the S: drive folder and made their individual memory book/Discovery yearbook by creatively utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint or Photostory (adding music, text, and etc).  With the tools that were used, the students had an enjoyable learning experience and were able to share their project with parents and classmates.



  • Reading   


My Teach 21 Project

Robotics in the Classroom

This LEGO Robotics unit will be used as the core of an inquiry and STEM-based exploration, and it is designed to introduce the basics of the NXT as it teaches science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students will have the opportunity to complete multiple investigations involving inquiry and guided research, problem solving, working in teams, and documenting what they’re learning by using a wiki as they investigate. They will immerse into a hands-on learning environment where they build and program robots.

Students will collaborate in team and utilize Lego NXT platform hardware and software. They will be introduced to the basic concepts of computer programming language. Students will think critically to build a robot as a team: they will test and modify their robot to complete various challenges. After completing this unit, students will have a better appreciation for technology and how robotics influences our world today and how it will infuse the future.

Target Grade Level: 5th

Georgia Performance Standards:

             M5P1a, c; S5CS1 a, c; S5CS3 a, c; S5CS8 c

M5P1 Students will solve problems (using appropriate technology). Element:  a. Build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving. c. Apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to solve problems.


S5CS1 Students will be aware of the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism in science and will exhibit these traits in their own efforts to understand how the world works. Elements: a. Keep records of investigations and observations and do not alter the records later.  c. Offer reasons for findings and consider reasons suggested by others.

S5CS3 Students will use tools and instruments for observing, measuring, and manipulating objects in scientific activities. Elements: a. Choose appropriate common materials for making simple mechanical constructions and repairing things. c. Use computers, cameras and recording devices for capturing information.

 S5CS8 Students will understand important features of the process of scientific inquiry. Students will apply the following to inquiry learning practices: Element: c. Scientists use technology to increase their power to observe things and to measure and compare things accurately.





  • Communication and Collaboration: Students will communicate in groups to solve problems.
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making: Students will use critical thinking skills to … solve problems and make informed decisions using appropriate resources to complete a project.
  • Technology Operations and Concepts: Students will use fundamental technology skills and concepts to build and program a model.

HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills):  In this unit, students will focus on the skills of creating, evaluating, analyzing, and applying to complete this project.


·         LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit Product ID: W979797  

·         NXT Rechargeable Battery Item #W979798

·         Lego Mindstorms NXT Education resource set 

·         Flip camera

·         Digital Camera

·         FLIP VIDEO DELUXE Accessories pack for FLIP ULTRA VIDEO. Deluxe Hard Shell Case, Tripod, 2700mAh batteries/Chgr, ext cable etc.






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