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Kristy Cates

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About Kristy Cates


Contact Info:

Lowndes High School







About Me:

1987-1989      Taught in Bradley, Arkansas.  Middle School Language Arts and Yearbook Adviser.

1989-1990      Taught in Tallahassee, Florida, at Belleview Middle School--Language Arts.

2000-2001      Began in Lowndes Country Schools as a 6th grade Language Arts teacher.

2001-to present at Lowndes High School in English and eventually Journalism too.


A Positive Experience with Instructional Technology:

My journalism students produce a monthly newspaper and a weekly broadcast.  Last year we began adding scrolling announcements to the high school's closed circuit Channel 4.  My students also produce this.  As more newspaper companies are folding, it is time to look at doing the newspaper differently.  Also, we need to see how we can get more feedback, especially from students, in the newspaper and the broadcast.  I think technology will help!  I need to be more informed, so I can guide these productions. 



  • Podcasting
  • Movie Maker/Photostory


My Teach 21 Project


Our project is the LEAF project.  This acronym stands for Lowndes' Environmentally Active Friends.  My Advanced Journalism students will be mentoring Ms. Brosemer's 3rd grade EIP class.  My students will be teaching them broadcast fundamentals at the beginning of the year while getting to know them.  Ms. Brosemer's class will begin a broadcast at Dewar Elementary.  Then after Christmas break we will begin a global project to begin a recycling effort at Dewar.  The high school and elementary students will collaborate to make videos addressing recycling needs and methods which we will broadcast and podcast (we hope!), so other schools can learn as well.  We were asked by our technological gurus to make a wish list.  Here it is:

Ms. Brosemer                                                         Ms. Cates

tripod(s)                                                                 microphones to aid in broadcast productions

video camera(s) with a hard drive                          headphones with built in microphones (class set)

Adobe Premiere License

                               We both want e-mail/Wiki access between students.



Journalism does not have a set of Georgia Performance Standards.  However, I do incorporate a set of QCCs to help guide me in teaching Journalism I and Advanced Journalism.  The LEAF project will incorporate these standards correlated with Bloom's Taxonomy or HOTS:

1.  Critical Thinking/Application--Students will test the validity of an assertion by examining the evidence.

2.  Critical Thinking/Analysis--Students will construct logical sequences and understand the conclusions to which they lead.

3. Critical Thinking/Synthesis--Students organize, select, and relate ideas developing them into broadcast/podcast stories.



1.  Students will be producing their own broadcasts--first concerning their school news and then concerning recycling issues.  Thus, Ms. Brosemer and I will facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity for they must learn about these issues and then present them.

2.  Students will develop broadcasts and podcasts, so they will be designing and developing digital-age learning experiences.  Also, they will assess their productions at the end of each semester with a celebration and assessment.  Students will watch/listen to the broadcasts/podcasts and give each other kudos for well-done stories and critical analysis of items that could be improved.

3.  Ms. Brosemer and I will be modeling story boards, broadcast techniques, and technology to help students complete LEAF.

4.  While Ms. Brosemer and I are teaching the larger concepts of story telling and broadcasting, we will also teach them about copyright and trademark laws.  We will emphasize the need for original work or thorough citation or permission to use copyrighted materials.

5.  LEAF will give Ms. Brosemer and I professional growth and leadership.  We are using the technology that we began learning about in our Summer Teach 21 Workshop; plus, we are encouraging our colleagues to recycle.






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As you look at new social media, would you also want to look at blogging with your students?

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