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Leslie Whiddon

Page history last edited by lwhiddon@... 11 years, 1 month ago

Please edit this template to provide your colleagues with some info about you.  This page will also be the jumping off point for your Teach 21 project.

Leslie Whiddon 


Contact Info


Hahira Elementary School

<SCHOOL TEL>229-794-2626

Website: http://www.lowndes.k12.ga.us/alrowell

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/locotech


About Me:

I have my BS and MS degrees is Special Education and have been teaching for 12 years.  I have taught Pre-K to 8th grade Special Education in Mild to Moderately and Profoundly Handicapped classrooms.  For the last two years I have taught in a regular 3rd grade classroom and will be returning to SPED this year, teaching K-1 Resource. 


A Positive Experience with Instructional Technology:

This year I tried to keep one of the SMART boards checked out to my classroom for most of the school year.  I had a wonderful student teacher from VSU who was well trained in technology and taught be how to utilize it for interactive lessons.  Taking this course is really a necessity for me, as I am not very experienced with technology. 



  • I want to be well trained in the newest technology so that I can easily use it in the classroom.  The SPED students need alternative means of accessing and expressing information and if I can show them how to use all that is available to them, they will have a better chance at reaching their potential.
  • I want to understand how the technology works so that when I want to create a lesson or present a concept, I can use the most advanced ideas available in the classroom. 
  • I want to be prepared and grow as a teacher.  If I do not understand how to access information and create using technology, then my students will suffer in their long term education. 


My Teach 21 Project


Comments (2)

lwhiddon@... said

at 1:54 pm on Jul 10, 2009

This is just the rough idea for my project. My plan is to send out a "traveling classmate" and spend the year plotting his adventures. I will pass along a backpack with the stuffed animal, digital camera, journal, printed/laminated directions and purpose of activity, along with return postage. I will also set up a wikispace where we can receive information and photos about where our "classmate" is and where we can respond to the information as a group. The participants will log onto our wiki and tell us about their location and activities, along with loading photos. We will use Google Earth to plot where our "classmate" is located and then pull books and research sites about those places in class, allowing us to ask more informed questions about those areas on our wikispace. Researching these places ties into our AR theme for the year, Reading Around the World. I would like to select a particular area that is visited and compare it to our community here, having the kids produce a movie or photostory to relate the two places.
The HOTS skills that I believe we will use are, of course, Remembering and Understanding, Applying (using information to devise relevant questions for our traveler), and Creating. I know we will analyze and evaluate the material we want to use and I am not sure yet how much guidance will be necessary to produce a quality product.
The NETS skills we will use are creativity ( product), collaboration (wikis/participants), research ( locations), digital citizenship (guiding online resources), and technology operations (using the internet/SMART board).
My wish list consists of having a mounted SMART board and projector in my classroom for daily use with my students. The kids I will be teaching will require guided use of technology that they can "get their hands on". Utilizing a SMART board will give them immediate feedback on their ability to interact with the content and with the world outside of Hahira.

locotech said

at 10:53 pm on Jul 22, 2009

I eager to see how this will work for you and your students. This is ambitious for K-1, but this should really engage your students.

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