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Patricia Burk

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Please edit this template to provide your colleagues with some info about you.  This page will also be the jumping off point for your Teach 21 project.


About <Patricia Burk>


Contact Info:

Hahira Middle School


<SCHOOL TEL>229-316-1864

Blog: http://www.lowndes.k12.ga.us/alrowell

Website: http://www.lowndes.k12.ga.us/alrowell

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/locotech


About Me:


I was part of the first graduating class form Georgia Southern to earn a degree in Upper Elementary.  Certification is P-8, but traing was what would now be Middle Grades (4-8).  I began my teaching career in 1979 with third graders.  The following year I taught 4th/5th grade in Hilton Head, SC.  We moved back to Georgia and I did not teach again until 1993 (except for a couple of years in a private school) because we started a family and I wanted to be home with the children.  When I reentered the field I began at HES with 2nd/3rd grade.  The following year I began teaching at HMS and found my niche.  I love middle school students.  Four years ago I became certified in TAG and have been a teacher of the TAG for the past two years.  I enjoy going to work everyday and love to sit back and observe the students working collaboratively.  It is super exciting to watch them become engrossed in an assigment.  Many of these students love learning.  It gives me hope for the future.   

A Positive Experience with Instructional Technology:


I am not as experienced with technology as some.  I think this has hampered the use of technolgy with my students.  I do all the "normal" things such as power point, photostory, web quest, research, research papers, graphic organizers, etc.  I am often suprised with the sophistication of the work  many students produce.  Of course, there are students with little proficiency in the use of technology and they grow in their use throughout the year.  I am taking this class because my students deserve the opportunity to learn as much as possible and to be prepared for the future.  The digital age is here and I want to get on board and lead my students to successful and meaningful use of technology.



  • family
  • reading
  • travel (need to do more)

My Teach 21 Project

I want to do epals with my social studies class and I am checking into doing an online science project contest with my science classes.

Using ePals my social studies students will connect with students from Asia and Africa.  Students will learn about the people, culture, climate, and resources.  Students will then focus on the resouse of water.  Students will share information with their ePals on problems their community faces in its water supply and pollution issues.  In this process students will discover how culture affects water usage and water affects the community.  Students will track personal consumption of water usage and compare their use with their ePals.  Students will select a particular water issue and creatively address the problem and design possible solutions.  The end result of all their communication with their ePals, research, data colliction, etc. will be the production of a documentary addressing particular issues concerning the world's water problems.

Students will improve writing skills, communication skills, technology skills while learning about different cultures and creating possible solutions for water problems.

GPS and Gifted Standards:

     *identify environmental issues with water in Asia SS7G10 and in Africa SS7G2

*explain the impact of water on population distribution in Asia SS7G11 and in Africa SS7G3

*practice creative thinking and problem solving Standard 1

     *develop logical problem solving skills Standard 2

     *develop advanced communication skills Standard 4

*develop an understanding of self and how their unique characteristics may influence interaction with others Standard 6


     Community and Collaboration

2.a.   interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a varity of digital environments and media

     2.b.  communicat information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a varity of media and formats.

     2.c.  develop cultural inderstanding and global awareness by engaging with learners of other cultures.

     2.d.  contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve prob;ems.


     Hopefully all areas will be addressed.


     * mount existing LCD projector

     * Mobi System

     *digital camera

     *headphones w/ microphones


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